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Apéritif: idea

On the threshold of big celebrations of Hanseatic Days and 1150 anniversary of Veliky Novgorod we decided to gather information about all the venues in Veliky Novgorod in one catalogue. Our town dwellers and guests should, after all, have an opportunity to get information beforehand about catering places where they can hold a festive evening or arrange a romantic date or just have fun with their friends.

Of course there are lots of similar projects but as a rule they don’t offer just one service but they place information about everything. As a result, the client is torn between mixed headings and can’t pay attention to details. So we decided to confine ourselves to only one branch—catering. Once we had chosen the branch we studied it inside out.

So now we have a constantly expanding catalogue of catering places in Veliky Novgorod which gives you exhaustive information on menu, prices and complementary services, interior.

Thanks to our “Dining Out” you can plan thoroughly your gastronomic trip around Veliky Novgorod.Thanks to our “Dining Out” you can plan thoroughly your gastronomic trip around Veliky Novgorod.

First course: team

To begin with, we are:

Sergey Kuzmin, PR manager
+7 (921) 202-92-72

Andrey Kuzmin, project developer

Anna Sokolova, photographer
+7 (952) 489-80-30

Second Course: opportunities

We’d like to mention that each venue is provided with detailed description, including seating capacity and prices for dishes and peculiarities of menu. Menus of some venues are presented as an interactive web page with convenient section navigation.

Incidentally, a convenient search system is available on our website: it saves the results when moving to the pages of specific venues.

Each venue is provided with photos of its interior, and some of them even have a virtual tour so you can walk around the place.

After actual visit to a venue you can come back to our website and leave a comment on your acquaintance with this place. Your praise or criticism can give venue’s administration and future guests food for thought.

If you are interested in social life of the city’s venues you can visit an announcement page which lists all the news, upcoming events and special offers from the venues. For your convenience the updates feed RSS and Twitter (in Russian).

In the end… If you want to recommend something from the list of Novgorodian venues to you foreign friends you can use the English language version of our project. When describing the catering places we also mention availability of menu in English and English speaking staff.

For dessert: join the meal!

By the way, “Dining Out” is not going to confine itself to catering places in Veliky Novgorod only.

The plans we have are much broader since website’s codebase is mostly multilingual and can be run anywhere in the World.

We will consider any proposals, don’t hesitate to send us an offer to info@cafe.nov.ru.

Enjoy your meal!

Additionally: copyright

We would like to mention that all the images displayed on the website are copyright items and belong to website’s owners. The use of these without any advance approval is prohibited according to the law “On Copyright and Related Rights”.


All information on this website is provided on an “as is” basis with no warranties.